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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Forex Factory Important Article

Hello FF traders. I am a forex and futures trader with 4 years experience. I have been trading profitably for the last 2 years, and by 2012 I expect to be trading for a living. I have spent thousands of hours learning to trade and hundreds of hours developing these volatility breakout models that I am about to share with you. It is not hard to learn to trade successfully, but it IS counter-intuitive. It is not about finding a "secret formula", it is about cold-blooded execution of an edge that you KNOW works. These trading strategies have worked for over 100 years, and they still work today, on all timeframes.
These systems I have developed with special thanks to TheRealThing (Joel R.) and PeterCrowns who started me thinking along these lines. They are robust and extremely profitable, with an average profit factor of 1.75. They are backtested over the last 4 years with excellent results, and I expect the next four years to be just as volatile and profitable. In addition to the models in Gold, Silver, GBP/JPY and USD/JPY, I also have created models for copper and most of the softs. I have included a thorough backtest in the Excel spreadsheet. In the orange field on the first page, you can enter your risk per week, and it will calculate what the account size would have been from Jan 2006 to the present using these models.
Lets make a deal. I have poured thousands of hours into my trading success and hundreds into the development of these models. I need a little help. I want to do further testing, and I need to have an indicator created to help me do visual backtests much quicker. If someone will create this indicator, I will release the indicator and the ruleset for all my volatility breakout trading represented by this backtest. Then as I do further testing, I will keep this thread updated on the new markets and methods that I have tested. Not only that, but I will personally mentor the programmer who makes the best indicator for us. I think it is only fair that we all benefit, wouldn't you agree?
I’ve included an indicator that is roughly what I need that I borrowed from the GBPJPY Weekly thread, but I need some features added because it can only do one thing. This indicator essentially brackets the high and low of the second candle of the week on whatever time frame you are looking at, and then it sets visual targets at 1x, 2x and 3x the bracket width. I need the following input variables added to it for flexibility to create two different indicators, one bracketing a certain candle’s range, and a second one that brackets a certain candle’s opening price:
First Indicator – Bracket high/low of a particular candle’s range Time 1 = ability to choose daily, weekly, or monthly start for Time 2
Time 2 = ability to select the time of the candle I wish to bracket at the start of Time 1 (for example, I want to bracket the 20:00 candle at the start of the day, week, or month)
Buffer = number of pips above and below the candle’s high and low for the bracket lines
Minimum Range = ability to input a minimum range for the bracket (so if the range was too small, it would at least be a minimum size) Also, please add target lines all the way out to 5x.
If possible, I want it to be able to work on all time frames.

2nd Indicator will be updated after successful comments!!!!!


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