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Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Around 4.72 lakh candidates appeared in JEE 2010 on April 11, 2010. Certain errors in the question papers as well as in the ORS came to light immediately. The IITs sincerely regret the hardships that the candidates may have faced during the examination. The Joint Admissions Board held an emergency meeting in New Delhi on Sunday, 2nd May 2010 to arrive at appropriate corrective measures.
The Board observed unanimously that the situation does not warrant the holding of any re-examination and that the remedial measures outlined below will adequately redress the concerns of students arising out of the present situation:

Error 1: The subject headings Physics and Mathematics in the ORS are interchanged.
Corrective Measure: Each ORS (both for Paper 1 & Paper 2) will be evaluated in two ways (sequential question number-wise and subject headings-wise). In each case the higher score of the two evaluations will be taken as the candidate's score. Should one of the ways of evaluating lead to a mark below the minimum qualifying mark in one of the subjects, the other way will be deemed to be the ‘higher’ of the two scores.

Error 2: Question 44 in the Mathematics section of Paper 1 in code 4 of the Hindi version was not printed.

Measure: The ORS of the candidates who were given Code 4 of the Hindi version of the Question Paper 1 will be evaluated omitting Question 44 and the overall score for the Mathematics section of Paper 1 of those candidates will be appropriately scaled.

Error 3: The Instructions on “Question Paper Format and Marking Scheme” for section IV in the Hindi version of Paper 2 was wrongly printed. Each question in this section was shown to carry 3 marks instead of 8.
Corrective Measure: Each question of section IV of Paper 2 will be evaluated for 8 marks.

Error 4: In a few cases the question paper contained two unreadable pages and two partially readable pages in the Physics section of Paper 1.
Corrective Measure: Since the registration numbers of these candidates have been taken note of at the time of the examination, their ORS will be evaluated omitting the unreadable questions and their scores for the Physics section of Paper 1 will then be appropriately scaled.

The Joint Admissions Board decided to implement the above measures and to continue to monitor the situation till the process of Admission to IITs/ IT BHU and ISM Dhanbad through JEE 2010 is completed.



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