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Thursday, July 9, 2009

How to get more Traffic to blog

You should ask yourself When you create an article: “What is my action if I receive that content in my e-mail?” Do I open that e-mail and read the whole articles or I delet it from my e-mail lists?

You should answer yes as your habit, I open it and read it carefully. It means that your visitors may have the same answer and they are willing to visit your blog regularly.

If you are sure that your answer is YES, you should complete other components of creating good post:
1. Making lists
You never want to make your reader boring, do you?? You should understand that they have many things to do out there. They usually scan articles picking out key points that are either highlighted or bulleted. It’s time to use that principal to ignite your content and keep your readers engaged. Make it simple, clear and to the point.

2. Providing Evidence
Your visitors are now smart as they are well educated and have many researches. So, you should try to provide an evidence to make your content powerful. Therefore, the governments’ webs are definitely credible as supported by many well educated skilled PHd’s who have done some deep researches.

3. Long duration content
You can write how to articles such as tutorial, tips and ways how to fix or how to make something that is needed to solve the most people problems. They will suit every situation although they were long time buried in your archives.

4. Write articles as source of knowlegde
You can make long articles that contain 5-10 pages of important information. Make them serially or you can convert to PDF file to make it easy to share. It is great to promote your blog from time to time as we called viral marketing.

How often should you create these articles every month? I think there is no limited time to do that, but minimum 1 article is enough for the growing of your sitein the future.

Conclusion: Great articles will always bring you steady traffic for a long time because the visitors need the quality content to answer parts of their problems.


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